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About Anthera Pharmaceuticals – Anthera Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical development company dedicated to in developing and marketing of clinical products that address unmet medical needs of patients with more information on clinical trials Anthera and sPLA2 or found to be life-threatening chronic and acute inflammatory diseases. The company has by Eli Lilly and Company acquired and Shionogi & Co.? Ltd. Worldwide rights to a number of clinical and preclinical compounds information visitf the members of the phospholipase A2 inhibit family – a group of enzymes required for the release of arachidonic acid and subsequent production of leukotrienes? Prostacyclins and other mediators of inflammation. These potent compounds inhibit novel? upstream steps in the inflammation cascade and have the potential for a variety of illnesses.

In vitro is Latin for in glass principle, in vitro means that the biological process outside the body of the organism in vivo is the opposite, when the process occurs within the organism performed.Under the Safe Harbour regulations of the U.S. Factors that could affect the Group’s operations are described in Risk Factors described the operation and Financial Review on one and Prospects in the company Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year 2004.

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