The researcher is therefore free to decide how to market his / her results.

Swedish universities are prohibited by law because their own financial risks. In 1995, Karolinska Institutet, a company set to commercial operation Karolinska Institutet since grown into Karolinska Institutet Holding AB and subsidiaries. Holding includes all necessary components of step-by-step commercialization process of turning products into profitable companies. This including evaluation of ideas, patents and incubation. Sought-after business contract training and a publisher in popular science books about the world’s major diseases engaged specialized – at Karolinska Institutet at Karolinska Institutet.. FACTBOXown after the Swedish teachers exemption teachers and academic researchers generated the rights to patentable results of research they conduct at their university, the researcher is therefore free to decide how to market his / her results.

In the study, mice were administered a topical E. Coli vectored vaccine and then challenged with tetanus cells and anthrax spores. Ninety % of the vaccinated mice survived infection with tetanus, J. The vaccine died within five days. The mice vaccinated with anthrax and survived, only 44 percent, but when additional E. Coli particles were added, the survival rate increased to 55 percent. The replicating E. Coli vector overproducing an exogenous immunogen may be the development of a new generation of vaccines that can be produced quickly and non-invasively administered in a wide variety of disease settings support, said the researchers... Brand newng Studies Report Progress in early detection, treatment and understanding of hypertension.

the long-term spatial flight increases BP us that daily gravity load increases to our bodies, explains lead study author Peter Norwegian, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Whether. The has implications to understanding mechanisms of hypertension should a focus of future interest. Perhaps our modern lifestyle is straight during work hours during the day, of masked of gravity from head to toe high level of pressure gradients induces the bloodstream, sits a factor in the developing high BP.