The solution has already been successfully flown with multiple healthcare providers

The solution has already been successfully flown with multiple healthcare providers, including at a hospital and its trading partners in Monmouth County, New Jersey . The Affiliated Physicians portal provides a return on investment of as little as ten affiliated physician connected. We are taking this offer to the hospital and IDN market thrilled build to find in this current economy, more than ever, feel, we know that the hospitals need a way closers relationships with their affiliated physicians to ensure quality improve. While maximizing hospital revenue, said Arthur Kapoor, CEO of IGI. – It is a powerful combination – IGI portal framework enables rapid exchange of medical information and Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare provides standards-based SOA integration capabilities from a variety of legacy healthcare systems, said Girish Juneja, Director of SOA Products at Intel Corporation software and Services Group. This advance, Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare Optimization for Intel multi-core processors as a soft appliance excellent value for money that drives overall deployment costs. .

The IGI ORBIT portal framework has open capacity for clinical and revenue cycle transaction sets. Intel SOA Expressway for Healthcare acts as an interface engine and provides for rapid data exchange, workflow management and translation data exchange data exchange to and from any original format. This advance in software is an example of how technology improve patient care improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs by streamlining the flow of information.


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