The occurrence of asbestos-related diseases

The occurrence of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis, is continuing to appreciate studies that die in the next decade, 100,000 victims in the United States, an asbestos-related disease. Equivalent to 30 deaths a day.

Results and progress. News Examines TelemedicineKansas Health Institute News on Monday published a number of articles on telemedicine. Summaries appear below. ‘Kansas a Telemed Leader, Schools and link ‘: The article examines how Kansas ‘is a leader in the development of telemedicine technology ‘, with the University of Kansas Medical Center, introduction of state telemedicine efforts in 1991. Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association, said: ‘Kansas was there involved, actually, the very early stages, it is one of the pioneers – all, the people at the University of Kansas Medical Center. ‘And added, ‘Do not You ‘re too many people in the area of telemedicine, who have not heard or interact with KU find. ‘At Hays Medical Center, provides telemedicine doctors, patients to doctors in smaller communities reflect while still see capable patient x-rays, laboratory results and progress. Moreover, a number of school districts in eastern and central Kansas telemedicine functions on Aging, school nurses in contact with pediatricians will help to treat children when they at school at school (Ranney[1], KHI News.

Coronary artery disease remains one the biggest killers in in Scotland, despite a drop of about one – thirds of the deaths in the past decade. – Professor Plevin, the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and in Biomedical Sciences, said: The game has a plenty of humor therein, but also we underline which risks of heart disease and the warning signs people should look out for. Although we are to develop new treatments for heart disease, there is a lot the people themselves and families themselves and their families so as to reduce the risks of and being aware of them. We hope this match will help ensure that increase awareness. The Angina soliloquies from Focus Theater Company be performed and managed by Susan Triesman, director of drama from the University of of Strathclyde Tickets for the shows are free, but booking is recommended – performances shall be on:.