Calling into question their ability to interpret important clinical research data eriacta tablets.

Many medical residents do not have skills to interpret research statisticsA study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine shows that 75 % of doctors surveyed do not in training the statistics in the medical literature in medical literature, calling into question their ability to interpret important clinical research data eriacta tablets .

The residents scored an average of 41 % correct on the test rig. Elderly residents worse than junior residents, potentially reflecting loss of knowledge over time and / or lack of reinforcement. – ‘Most residents in this study lack the knowledge in biostatistics needed interpret many of the results published in clinical research,’said corresponding author Donna M. Windisch, Assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine. ‘Residency programs should prepare effective biostatistics training into their curricula successfully residents for this important lifelong learning skill. ‘ – ‘If doctors can not recognize, understand appropriate statistical analyzes and accurately, their results, the risk of misinterpretation can lead to erroneous applications of clinical research lead,’added Windish.

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A survey by National Center for Health conducted statistics 2001 – the recent data available – determined that around 40 percent of pregnancies are unwanted among women aged 40 and older, and 56 percent of pregnancies end in abortion. The survey also that 7 out percent of women age between 40 and 44 had recently had sex without any contraceptives, did not want to to get pregnant.