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Opinion Pieces Examine Foreign Healthcare SystemsSeveral newspapers recently published opinion pieces in healthcare in Europe. Summaries appear below. Paul Dutton, Boston Globe: While many advocates to Canada as a model for a universal health care in the U.S., ‘Is there another model for too long for far too long That’s the health care system in France ‘, States ‘National, associate Professor of History at Northern Arizona University, writes in a Globe opinion piece. Dutton States ‘National Health Insurance in France stands on two great historical bargains. First with doctors and a second with the insurers ‘ It notes that doctors agreed to ‘only participate in compulsory health insurance if the protected patients the choice of the and guaranteed and guaranteed physicians control over medical decision making, ‘while’French legislators also overcame insurance industry resistance allows the nation to manage its existing insurance new health care agent. He continues,ton writes that the French system ‘is not ‘is, $ 500 per capita, it is one of the most expensive in Europe, but that’s still far less than the $ 6,100 per person ‘cheap finally spent in the U.S. ‘ ‘for us to for us to take a closer look at French ideas about health care reform, ‘adding: ‘/ you could an import far less ‘foreign’and ‘unfriendly’than many imagine here might initially ‘ take. Merrill Matthews, Wall Street Journal: ‘The reduction in health spending is not difficult: give the government control of the national health budget and you will be spending decrease seen ‘with Matthews, director of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance and a resident scholar the Institute for Policy innovation, writes in a Journal opinion piece. However, he continues, ‘Access to doctors and hospitals, the newest technology, important therapies and the best medications will also decline over time, ‘adding that ‘the trade-off makes society If the government controls health care spending ‘he writes.”. Best guess, what would cost the goods and services set ‘Either the market set prices on supply and demand based, or the government the prices based on budget priorities and bureaucrats Matthews concludes: ‘the process can access to and the quality of care to undermine, but at least government-run health care advocates can say, it keeps the costs down ‘(Matthews, Wall Street Journal.

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The most recent economic downturn continued fighting to get out of the red, many providers of health services behind but you not have the higher costs for the consumer, that Journal in Atlanta out constitutional report. Ken Thorpe, professor of health policy at the Emory University that suppliers increased higher costs to consumers because the salaries and other agreements are negotiated at intervals during the year. Paul Fronstin, director of health research in the Employee Benefit Research Institute, said: Operators have agreements with health insurance, adding, In proportion increase the prices raise the prices they want to, but they still have to be aggressive. .

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Shown This result of the experiment BSEd humans. – BSE and scrapie could are efficient transmit among sheep by blood transfusion. It is important to, team notice, said transmission might may occur if of donors from donors before she designed signs of the disease, but were likely to in the latter stages in the later stages of infection. Out of 22 sheep that were infecting blood from the BSE donor group, showed five character of TSE and three others were signs of infection no clinical evidence, so. Overall transfer rate 36 per cent Of the 21 infected of scrapie recipients developed nine clinical scrapie, so. Overall a transmission rate of 43 % of.