About EngageEngage a non-inferiority study was to compare ELONVA 150 mcg to 200 IU rFSH.

The number of oocytes retrieved per attempt, the co-primary endpoint was 13.7 for the ELONVA group and 12.5 for the rFSH group .. About EngageEngage a non-inferiority study was to compare ELONVA 150 mcg to 200 IU rFSH. Overall, 1506 with a body weight with a body weight greater than 60 kg) at 34 in-vitro fertilization clinics in North America and Europe were randomized to either ELONVA received 150 mcg or a daily dose of 200 IU rFSH, followed by rFSH of the stimulation day eight forward if necessary. From stimulation day five , all patients received 0.25mg gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist until triggering final oocyte maturation by human chorionic gonadotropin .

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