Said Domenech.

A long-term presence by the virus requires a long-term financial and political commitment of governments and the international community finally contain and eradicate the virus. – ‘What makes the fight against bird flu is so difficult that many high risk poultry production and marketing practices in many countries even further, ‘said Domenech.

Indonesia, for example, has more than 13 000 live poultry markets where birds from different origins are mixed Modified Modified if these practices or changed, remains high, the risk of recurrent infection. Socially and economically socially and economically equitable adjustment of poultry production and marketing systems for secure delivery of products is infection risks the risk of infection, without forgetting that remain efficient veterinary services and improved public-private partnership for better surveillance and control activities ‘essential, said Domenech..In the quarter During the quarter, the Dezember 2008 16.100 operations was canceled at the last minute of non-clinical grounds. In the same period in 2007, there were 15,700 off surgeries.7 percent) compared with same period last year.3 percent) increased relative to Q3 2007-08.

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