For the neuraminidase inhibitors.

For the neuraminidase inhibitors, the main constraints. A limited production capacity and a price that is prohibitively high for many countries – which are much more Due to the complex and time-consuming production process is the only manufacturer for oseltamivir is not to fully consider and is facing a backlog. Currently, production capacity, which recently quadrupled, produce enough a decade to produce enough oseltamivir to treat 20 percent of the global population.

After a donation by industry, WHO will have a dedicated supply of antivirals , sufficient for 3 million treatment courses, by early 2006. These drugs are only for use in the first areas that are subject pandemic virus pandemic virus emerging. Recent studies, based on mathematical modeling, suggest that these drugs could prophylactically be used near the start of a pandemic, reduce the risk of creating a fully transmissible virus , or at least to delay its international spread time time to vaccine supplies increase. The likelihood stored centrally, WHO has considerable experience in the quick delivery of medical care in emergencies.Will not cause Allegra Oral suspension Oral for treatment of seasonal allergies symptoms and chronic idiopathic urticaria.