With a soil bacterium called Bacillus subtilis.

With a soil bacterium called Bacillus subtilis, Stanley-Wall, the genes and proteins for biofilms, which examines the development. They showed that the protein DegU decide the individual bacteria, said Dr.biofilm. Help form a biofilm.

The results of this study last month last month at the International Society for Stem Cell Research in San Francisco and at the Korean Society for Stem Cell Research from Seoul National University in November 2009. Because the cultured cells was confirmed, the cancer, cancer, there have been several published articles show anti-cancer effects of adult stem cells.Publication:. Sakakibara, Hamatsu, Hanashima, Mishima, Yoshimasu, Hayashi and, Ono, determining protein structures in living cells in-cell NMR Nature .

Notes:.In July 2007, Prof. Peter G is ntert leads that a Lichtenberg Professorship to NMR-based Computational Structural Biology on of the Goethe University by with more than 1.4 million euros of of the Volkswagen Foundation.